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need info. Bobcat zero turn mower is having some kind of hydro problem?

zero turn mower
dozierjad2002 asked:

my 2001 bunton(bobcat) zero turn mower is acting up. while mowing last fall, i noticed when i was going up hill or up out of a deep ditch the hydro transmissions will just make a clicking noise instead of moving the wheels. doing it on both trans and started doing it at the same time therefor i dont believe it to be either of the two pumps. i mean whats the chances of them going out the same day same time, also this leads me to believe it is not individual wheel trans-motors either. another wierd thing is that if i push the control sticks all the way forward from a dead stop, it will pop a wheelie still like it did when it was brand new.. but if i am going normal speed and come to a hill, it may go up or just sit there making the clicking sounds on both sides..untill i try to go up at a slower speed, then sometimes still wont make it up. could it be old hydo fliud? or the fliud level is too low? the level of fliud looks to be just about to the full mark ,maybe 2 cups to low. HELP!
i have not tried it backward yet. It might be the axle key but if it were then why wouldnt it slip when i gun it at a dead stop. the fluid is clean but has atleast 150hrs on it. i will change it and the filter , thanks guys

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